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Strict Compliance of the Time Schedule by all Dental Institutions, Universities and State:The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has vide their Order dated 24.3.2015 in Writ Petition (C) No.76/2015 in the case of Ashish Ranjan & Ors. Vs. Union of India & Ors. has fixed the Time Schedule for Postgraduate Medical/Dental Courses for the academic session 2015-2016.
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Disclaimer Notice:In the recent past, several cases have been reported, in which admission agents have duped gullible parents and their wards to the tune of lakhs of rupees by promising them admissions in Dental Colleges in India and abroad. It is for the information to the public to beware of Touts and admission racketeers trying to deceive you by false promises of getting admission in Dental Colleges either through influence or by use of unfair and unethical means. Parents and Students are warned against any such claims being made by persons/agencies. Students are admitted purely as per merit. Please beware of unscrupulous elements and do not fall in their trap. Candidates attempting to influence DCI directly or indirectly shall be disqualified and legal action can be initiated against them. The process for approval, renewal of permission and recognition of dental colleges is transparent, based on declared parameters. All concerned at the Dental Council of India (DCI) are duty bound to process all such cases in a transparent, fair and consistent manner. No individual/organization can therefore influence the process in any manner. Further, it is therefore reiterated that if any individual approaches the college authority for soliciting any favours on behalf of any officer of the DCI including any member of the Executive Committee/General Body of DCI, should be reported to the Secretary, Dental Council of India. Any interaction by the college authorities with any such person would be at their own individual level.
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Notice for all Vice-Chancellor/Registrars of all the Universities imparting Post-Graduate Dental Education in India:In view of the decision of the General Body arrived at its meeting held on 21st& 22nd February 2015, it is apprised that the final year MDS year examination (theory and practicals) should not be conducted before April of each academic year.
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Oral Health Awareness:All Dental Colleges in the country are requested to adopt atleast 2 – 4 villages for Oral Health Awareness for benefit of the general public and if any tribal area falls within that vicinity then priority should be given to those areas.
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Migration of Students from one Dental College to Other:Forthwith the request for Migration of a dental student may be made to DCI directly and no such applications shall be sent to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare directly.
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Public Health Dentistry being managed by Periodontists and MPHs:To all Principals of all the Dental Colleges /Institutions in the Country
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Measures for Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions:List of Dental Colleges who have not yet furnished the requisite information as asked in DCI Circular No.DE-167-2014/8187 dated 10.10.2014 followed by reminder No.DE-167-2014/9851 dated 14.11.2014 for Implementation of directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on DCI Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Dental Colleges, 2009.
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Uploading of details of Dentists registered in Part “A” and Part “B” in State Dental Councils/Tribunals, on DCI Website to maintain Indian Dentists Register:All State Dental Councils / Tribunals are requested to upload the details of registered dentists under Part A and Part B of their State Dentists Register, using the allotted secured login credentials on the DCI website, so as to enable this Council to maintain online Indian Dentists Register. For any assistance and help during uploading details on DCI website please feel free to email our technical support team at or contact at 011-23238542
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Change in Entry Procedure - Grant of Short Service Commission in Army Dental Corps:The entry procedure for grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Army Dental Corps has been changed.
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Measures for Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Educational Institutions:All the Principals/Heads of the Dental Colleges are directed to furnish the requisite Information as asked in DCI Circular dated 10.10.2014 for Implementation of directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on DCI Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Dental Colleges, 2009.
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Non remittance of outstanding Inspection/Annual fee:List of Dental Colleges who have not yet remitted their Outstanding Inspection/Annual Fee
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Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Mission in Action:The Dental Council of India has initiated the Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Mission in India from 7th - 14th November 2014 in order to fulfill the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi. All the Dental Colleges are requested to support and participate in DCI’s collective quest to make a Swachh Bharat - Swasth Bharat Abhiyan.
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Teaching Experience gained in the foreign institutions:To, The Principal of all dental institutions in the country. I am directed to say that the General Body of the DCI in its meeting held on 24th & 25th September, 2011 considered the recommendations of the Executive Committee (6.6.2011) in regard to the teaching experience gained in the foreign dental institutions and after discussion and deliberation decided to accept the following recommendations of the Executive Committee (6.6.2011) with few modifications as under:-
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To The Principals/Heads of all the Dental Colleges in the Country:MEASURES FOR CURBING THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – IMPLEMENTATION OF DIRECTIONS OF HON’BLE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA – DCI Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Dental Colleges, 2009 – Regarding.
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To, The Principal/ Dean All the Dental Colleges in the Country:Furnishing the list of the students admitted in BDS Course (Both under Government and/or Management Quota) at Dental Colleges for the academic session 2014·15.
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Notice:It is brought to the notice of all the Dental Colleges / Institutions that for the forthcoming inspections either for UG or PG as the case may be, DCI will only follow the Gazetted holidays declared by Central / State Government and the speciality-wise national conferences for the inspections of respective department only.

Notice:It is understood that the College authorities of all the Dental Colleges will ensure that the consumption of alcohol, drug, tobacco, gutkha, and smoking will be prohibited in the college premises, hospital, hostel, canteen. It will be appreciated that the fresh admitted dental students will furnish an affidavit stating that they will not indulge themselves in consumption of alcohol, drug, tobacco, gutkha, smoking in the college, hospital, hostel, canteen premises.

Notice:A) The DCI inspections of the institutions can be conducted at regular intervals and can be interspaced with surprise inspections to check temporary recruitment of Doctors in the private dental colleges. B) Salary Slips of the teaching staff can be checked at the time of inspection and colleges may be advised to send the salary statements of the faculty once in a year to DCI to prevent appointment of any part-time faculty. C) During inspections, the faculty's diary can be cross-checked so that it can be verified as to who are the full time/part time faculty members. D) Many of the colleges have not implemented the biometric attendance system and the same may be implemented at all colleges, the logs of which can be used by the Council during the inspections.

FOR ATTENTION OF DENTAL STUDENTS SEEKING ADMISSION IN FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES/INSTITUTIONS!!:All the concerned Indian students and their parents are informed that before taking admission in foreign institutions in dentistry at UG/PG level, they should .....
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Guidelines for Screening Test, Eligibility Certificate-2014:It is for information to all concerned, who have either obtained their UG/PG Dental qualification from foreign Universities / foreign Institutions and are willing to apply to the ....
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Technical Support:For any assistance and help please call us at : 011-23238542 and ask for Extension-30.

Support Notice:For any technical support or queries please email us on : ""

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